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RV Magnetic Wallet Case Galaxy S21Ultra Black

  • 299 kr
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Artikelnummer: 891

A wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra that maintains a first-class standard based on durability, function, and its stylish design. Thanks to its completely vegan PU leather, this wallet case not only fulfills its durability but also a design that exudes luxury. This wallet case is designed to carry the optimal functions such as 3 card compartments on the inside with an extra behind the regular ones and a strong magnet that keeps the wallet closed and secured.


Here you get two fantastic products in one as you can easily separate the case inside from the wallet itself since they are held together by a built-in magnet.

Thanks to the extremely thin, built-in, and invisible magnetic plate that covers the back of the case, your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is secured properly without any risk of slipping out.

The phone is safe in the reliable and high-end cover that protects your phone from any drops or shocks.


A perfect choice for you who prefer the practicalities such as being able to use the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra without having to open your wallet every time or to just as easily be able to put the phone back in your wallet when you need to have everything gathered where you can easily reach your cards.


This magnetic wallet case for your Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is an excellent alternative when you also want to protect your screen against drops and shocks as the wallet closes over the screen and the strong magnet holds everything in place. Not only with the protection of the screen, the phone sits in a removable case inside the wallet which is embraced by the cushioning material TPU. The material is shock-absorbing, which means that your phone is even better protected against shocks.